Cardio Circuit

FINALLY! After almost a month I can update my blog again! I found out that my phone has a defect, bright side: they're replacing my phone with a brand new one! Also, I was finally able to get a camera (+tripod haha) to video myself. I'm still testing it out so this video is still a prototype haha

Circuit training is basically a workout with 6-15 specific exercises that work on strength, power, flexibility, and agility. They are a series of work outs that are done in cycles with a certain amount of repetition.

Challenge yourself! Add another work out to your cycle, change up your exercise, or increase repetition and speed for different results!

Here is a video of me doing my full body cardio circuit that you can do in about 30-35 minutes. I always get super tired when I do this work out. When I can't go to the gym I always make sure to do circuit training at home.

1. Try to be on your toes the whole time
2. When doing snowboarders and broad jumps, you get most out of your work out by SQUATTING!
3. If you want to challenge yourself, invest in leg weights and a medicine ball! Not only will you be burning the fat from the weekend but you get to tone as well!

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