So over expensive gym memberships!

Here are the basic equipments for you to get started:

Whenever I work out I always have 2 mats, a yoga mat and a Pilates mat. Why? A yoga mat is best for doing planks and stretches since it's very thin you can feel your hands and feet grounded to the mat which is perfect so you don't slide while in the position. The Pilates mat is good for work outs that involve a lot of ab movement like crunches, sit ups, leg raises and such. You need that extra cushion so you don't hurt your spine while doing the moves, this will prevent you from injury. 
I'm not particular with the mats I use so I'll be honest and tell you that you can't count on me when it comes to mat shopping. I use a normal yoga mat you can find anywhere no high tech new and improved shizzz and for the thicker mat I have 2, a nice Adidas one and this Pilates one which is really soft (kinda hard to do the exercises when I'm deciding if I should sleep on it or do the actual work out haha)

This is my cardio saver! You'd be surprised that 5 minutes of intense jump rope can burn 40-100 calories (trust me, I have Nike Fuel.. I know.) It's the best device ever made by mankind! And it's also so versatile you can tie it up and turn it into a resistance band to keep your feet from moving around when doing ab exercises. 
Which one is the right one for you? There are many different kinds of jump ropes (weighted, speed, digital) and they all have different purposes but I like to use the weighted one since they tone and you can do crazy Ellen Adarna stuff with it (tried, but mission failed.) Always be aware of the length. When buying a jump rope make sure the handles only come up to the ribs when standing in the middle. If it's too long no worries you can always knot the ends! The possibilities are endless! I will eventually post a quick jump rope work out that you can do almost anywhere.

Dumbbells are a must when it comes to home work outs. I don't think I have to explain myself further. It's used in most fitness related videos and it's great for weight loss, toning, and getting lean! 
Buy different weights, the heavier the better. If you can do more than 15 reps per set then you know that you need to increase the heaviness but remember FORM> FUNCTION!! You can either buy the ones shown here or you can buy the ones that allow you to change the weights. Toby's has a wide variety of weights and handles (rubberized, grippy, plain) they're all the same really it just depends on what you personally like.

I only started using leg weights recently, when I did plyo I learned how important they really are. They make the work outs that you're already used to feel like a whole new challenge (leg raises, flutter kicks, toe touches, russian twists.. I can go on and on but lets not.) 
Buy 2 leg weights, a lighter one and a heavier one. Remember you want to always challenge yourself and switching up weights is how you can get most from a workout. For starters, I recommend a 2kg or a 3kg.

Russian Twists, Crazy Ivans, Toe Touches, Sit Ups, SQUATS.... All of these don't necessarily a medicine ball but it's more effective and you get the most out of your workout. Playing Booty catch by yourself is also really fun! (Throw the ball up in the air or on the wall and squat while waiting for the ball to come/ bounce back) It helps tone the arms while working on other muscle groups as well.

Not super needed buttttt this little guy is perfect to use for sit ups, push ups, and dips. It helps keeps your feet on the floor while doing sit ups. No need for a table when doing dips, and pushups feel harder with it! I use this when all the time when I do my work outs my feet swing around a lot when I do sit ups so I like to have it around with me all the time so my feet stay planted.

HAHAH kidding, but it wouldn't hurt to look at a beautiful sunset while working out right?


  1. Where'd your buy your door gym and for how much? :) been looking for something to keep my feet planted!

    1. Hi there! I bought my equipment in cash and carry, I don't know the name of the store but it's in the 2nd floor where all the as seen on tv stuff are. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog :)

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