The 5 Minute Jump Rope Work Out

Jump Roping is a relatively easy workout to do. The challenge really depends on you and how far you want to go with your workout. Hahaha can you tell that I'm being having a hard time? I really have to stop looking so bitchy when I workout. Urgh note to self! 

There are a few jump rope basics you need to master all of which are shown in this video (wtf did I get myself into), once you get the hang of it you'll be jumping like a pro in no time. I'm no jump rope master so I do make a lot of mistakes but I always try to keep practicing everyday and mastering the basics before getting to the more advanced stuff. (2014 goal here I come)

You can either do this for a minute per exercise or you can challenge yourself and count to 100 per jumprope move. Enjoy yourself, always keep your abs tight, always be on the balls of your toes, try not to rest as much as possible (if you really must then by all means go for it!) since you get the full benefit from doing it continuously and don't worry about making mistakes!

(ughhh can someone help me out.. OCD kicking in. How can I make this video as big as my pictures?? And I want it to upload straight from blogger but it will only allow youtube videos!!)

Many people make the mistake of jumping with their whole foot on the ground. You should always land on the balls of your feet, feet should be pararell, and land as softly and as quietly as possible. The higher you jump the harder it is and of course more prone to injury.

As much as possible try not to make to much movement with your arms. It's not suppose to be difficult just relax and don't worry about tripping on the rope. It happens to everyone.

As I said in my previous post there are many different types of jump ropes the choice is all up to you. The 2 main types of jump ropes; weighted and speed. A weighted jump rope tones arms and aids in weight loss. If you plan to get more into it and advance into harder techniques then this is the jump rope for you. A speed rope is obviously good to practice quickness and coordination. Also, when buying a jump rope make sure that the handles don't go over your rib cage.

I can't emphasize enough how important shoes are. I'll tell you now that running shoes and shoes for training are completely different, if you aren't wearing the right shoe for the workout you may get hurt and I'll tell you why. There is a big difference between shoes for running and shoes for training. Running shoes are padded well and cushioned at the heel (Nike Air Max, Free Runs, Fly Knits.. uhm can you tell that I loveeee Nike) That's because these kinds of shoes are designed for your feet to only go 2 directions, front and back. Training shoes hardly have any cushion, they're closer to the ground to prevent you from injuring your ankle and they are designed for range of motions (left, right, front, and back) So when picking your shoe always go for fuction before look. I made the mistake of buying Nike Air Max's.. okay fine maybe it wasn't a mistake haha and I had to end up buying another pair specifically for training.

BTW, Nike Forum (Greenbelt 4 and Trinoma) has a promo til February 28. Spend a minimum of P3,000 and get a P1,000 gift certificate! best deal everrrrr.. time to get them Nike Pros I see all over Insta-G.

Anyway, that's all for now! Practice makes perfect! Keep jumping and burn that 5 pound holiday flab! kidding hahah. PEACE! 

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